Silver walking canes and silver walking sticks from Möhrle Silver in Schwäbisch Gmünd are characterized by simple elegance and noble materials in the highest quality workmanship. Their handles are made of precious 925 sterling silver and placed on shots of the finest woods. They symbolize a cultivated form of movement.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the walking stick was very important. Gentlemen of nobility and bourgeoisie were seen in public mostly with a walking stick in their hands, while ladies used an umbrella as an alternative. In order to emphasize the visual appearance of the walker, they chose the stick, the hat and gloves to match their clothes. To highlight their social status, walking sticks were made with silver handle or knob, often artfully in the form of an animal’s head.

Since 1895 Möhrle Silver has been the silverware manufacturer with the largest selection for this fine accessory. Today, the silver stick enjoys a strong revival in its popularity.

For four generations in family ownership Möhrle Silver has the highest standards of quality of the sticks. Manually created in many individual steps, a silver stick leaves the factory only after numerous checks. The utmost care in craftsmanship and the best materials guarantee an exceptionally long service life. Always a stick has to satisfy aesthetic aspects, but it’s also an object of utility. Both aspects are important to Möhrle Silver. Design and style paired with perfection and reliability are the reasons for the worldwide reputation of the silver sticks made by Möhrle Silver.

You want a special, unique stick? Möhrle Silver decorates your silver stick with an engraving.
You want to travel with your silver stick? Möhrle Silver offers a luxurious ebony folding stick.
You appreciate the big Hollywood movie witness for the prosecution? Möhrle Silver manufactures a drinking glass with glass vial like Charles Laughton had in the famous court scene.
You imagine two in one? Möhrle silver combines stick and umbrella into one.
Do you admire the famous Fritzstock? Möhrle Silber has the handle with the typical right angle at the top as used by the prussian king Frederick II.